The Ring Dinger®


The Ring Dinger® Technique in Oakbrook Terrace

Dr. Vy Hoang is certified to perform the Johnson Biophysics® Ring Dinger® technique and a part of Team Ring Dinger®.

The Ring Dinger® technique involves gentle spinal decompression, which is achieved by using a specialized chiropractic table and applying a specific force to gently pull the spine apart. The technique is designed to relieve pressure on the nerves and spinal discs, and to promote better spinal alignment and overall health.

The Ring Dinger® is a spinal decompression technique that was invented by Dr. Gregory E. Johnson, a chiropractor based in Houston, Texas. Dr. Johnson developed the technique as a way to provide effective relief for patients suffering from back pain and other spine-related problems.

How It Works

The Johnson BioPhysics® utilizes the Cartesian Coordinate System (X, Y, Z-Axis) to evaluate and adjust the Biomechanical integrity of the human spine, pelvis, and extremities and does pre and post three-dimensional posture analysis as well as mirror image adjustments of the spine and extremities. All adjustments are done with a high velocity, low amplitude specific thrust to realign the joint into its most biomechanically relevant position/alignment to the adjacent bone/joint. The main objective of the Johnson BioPhysics® is to detect and then correct biomechanical improprieties, (subluxations) of the spine and extremities freeing the human body of neurological and physiological interferences of the spine.

The Body’s Response

This whole body adjustment approach stimulates mechanoreceptors in the capsular ligaments if the paraphysiological space has been breached. The doctor also adjusts the pelvis & extremities and allows for maximum joint range of motion, breaching the paraphysiological space and moving the joint being adjusted to its maximum joint range of motion within the anatomical integrity of the ligaments responsible for that particular joint’s integrity.
Taking the joint to the anatomical integrity of the ligaments in each joint to send proprioceptive neurological afferent impulses from the joint/nerve to the spinal cord and then into the cerebellum, eliciting a neurological response i.e. efferent signals throughout the body that communicate through a negative feedback loop resulting in better neurological function which normally results in a reduction of pain reception.

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